TRIG AVIONICS increased their prices right across the product range post BREXIT. At this time we have good stocks on both the TT21 Transponder and TY91 Transceiver at pre Brexit prices until current stocks are sold out.

The TY96 is also in stock, please call for current TY96 pricing and details of our FREE HARNESS and ANTENNA CABLE offer, which applies right across the TRIG range

Due to the significant drop in the value of Sterling against the Euro and the Dollar  the cost of new stock may increase significantly. However, we HAVE NOT applied a global increase across our range; only new stock will reflect the price increase.
Therefore existing stocks are available at a price that is considerably less than their replacements.
Once existing stocks are exhausted and  we are waiting for new stock to arrive, the on line price will show as 0 or POA (Price on Application) so please call us for a price and an availability date.
Product Code: 304772
Gebr Winter GmbH manufactures altimeters with metric and imperial diplays

Available, in both 3-1/8" (80mm)  and 2-1/4" (57 mm) options.

Available with Imperial (from stock) or  metric
(to special order) displays.

Certified accuracy up nto 20,000 ft.

Issued with an EASA Form 1.

New dial design for optimmum accuracy.

Winter Altimeters are not availble to buy on line.
Please call us on 01 296 714 900 to discuss your requirements

Our Price: